A woman is the greatest and the precious gift we receive from the Almighty. On the Woman’s Day, we are launching special collection, The Renaissance Collection

Inspired by the Renaissance Era, each Renaissance jewellery piece is as unique as you are. ‘The Renaissance Collection’ is about romance, fantasy and sophistication. Come and join us on the launch these astounding pieces of Gold jewellery, ‘The Renaissance Collection’. It’s for someone you love, someone who holds your heart. Let her heart overflow with joy.
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Thanks sir for your analytically viewing my posting, I would answer all your questions here
  1. astounding is strong word right and I will prefer it as jewellery is targeted towards high class people
  2. and indeed it’s in store launch of the jewellery it’s on the mother’s day. So kindly tell me what is appropriate on the launch or at the launch
  3. it’s a loyalty programme for existing customers and ya you are right that ‘as unique as you are’ is disturbing the flow of the writing
Kindly tell which line is more appropriate

Each renaissance jewellery piece is as unique as that someone special in your life
Each renaissance jewellery piece is as unique as special someone in your life
I still think that "astounding" is not the right word. It's not more "classy" than "stunning" - but it sounds like you expect the beauty of these pieces to reach the level of outright astonishment. An "astounding" piece of news is one that you can hardly believe. A "stunning" piece of jewelry is one that is so beautiful you can't bear to take your eyes away. I don't know what an "astounding" piece of jewelry is, short of something that comes from King Tut's tomb.

If it's an in-store event, you are inviting them to join you at the launch, but you should say something like "at our store on Main Street in downtown West Chester, Pennsylvanis" or wherever they are supposed to be. And on which day. Otherwise, how can they join you without know when and where?

it's as unique as that special someone in your life.
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Thank you sir for all your valuable suggestions and helping me to improve on it.