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NAC scores twice for ReligareThe successful journey of Religare from a new entrant to one of the leading financial services institutions of in a span of just one year has been fuelled by NAC advertising’s innovative strategy & media planning. Religare was launched in Jan 07, been a new entrant it was struggling for a brand visibility in the highly cluttered financial services sector. NAC Advertising was assigned with the task to make Religare a visible and vibrant brand in the marketplace. NAC launched the Religare campaign on the Budget day in 2007. Every retailer, investor waits for the Budget day to make fresh financial / investment decisions. Hence, the launch of Religare campaign on the Budget day was an excellent strategic move. The campaign was launched with multiple innovative activities with a leading business channel to grab the maximum eye balls. The campaign created top of the mind awareness for Regilare brand. Building a strong consumer brand in a highly commoditized product-led market & creating credible brand awareness amongst the target audience in such a short span was no mean feat. Then NAC launched Race campaign, post budget. The objective was to educate the target audience about the product and services Religare offers. Break the rule is the rule of the game, as we know and NAC implemented it successfully. Rather then going in the direction of the wind for smooth sailing NAC went against the wind and accepted the challenge. They asked Religare management to dictate the volume of responses they expect to generate from the campaign. NAC made media and strategy planning with the focus on the volumes of business the campaign targets to generate. This unconventional strategy was designed to grab the maximum chunk of market share and to accelerate the brand growth in the highly competitive financial services industry. The aim was to create not just a effective but also a cost efficient campaign within the allocated budget. A series of TVC, print & radio campaigns were released to create a strong Brand image, complemented with Outdoor for brand identity & brand recall. Since the launch of race campaign Religare market share is growing robustly in what has been an increasingly competitive marketplace. At the time of IPO services launch NAC focused specifically on the outdoor media. Again here they narrowed down to most strategic locations where hoardings were installed to announce the arrival of IPO services by Religare. The strategy was simple & most effective as considerable brand awareness was created with impressive brand recall so rather then flooding whole city with hoardings, NAC pinpointed locations for high visibility with just five to six hoardings. The Race campaign achieved the volumes target set by Religare resulted in an increased customer base, Till date, this year too saw many activities for brand promotion. But not on as larger scale as the previous year because now Religare is one of the leading financial services providers. So the budget for this year was also kept low as compared to the previous year as market penetration has increased dramatically. The focus is to leverage the brand awareness for creating Brand equity. The campaign again evolved around the Budget ’08. ads across all media carried a SMS short code to gauge the impact of the campaign and to create leads. With the rigorous
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