Glittering platinum jewellery festival

Pure, Rare and Eternal are the three basic qualities that make Platinum special - giving it an aura of mysticism. Platinum is an expression of integrity, a reflection of the inner truth that endows it with a brilliant white lustre.

At Popley, we offer the discerning customer a wide range of platinum jewellery to choose from. For those who are touched by the whiteness of the purest metal. For its beauty, purity and rarity, platinum jewellery has become one of the ultimate expressions of celebration.

Come and celebrate with us the spirit of true happiness

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Anon,

Check the spelling of "jewel -etc." -unless that's British.

"for those who are touched -etc." is a subordinate clause without a main clause.

"endows" bothers me, but it's probably just me. I guess you're trying to link human virtue with the physical appearance of the metal. Maybe it works. Get more opinions.

Actually I like it a lot.

No grammar problems except for the non-sentence.
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thanks a lot sir ys its the british english, i am from india. just tell me flow of the para is perfect grammatically its ok, is tone and flow in para is perfect. if any sentences ned to rephrase kkindly help me out with that
Tell me if you understand what I'm saying about the two sentences which begin with "For." The second one is fine. The "for section" is followed by a complete clause, making a complete sentence. The first one is missing it's clause, and does not make a sentence. It needs a finish, so to speak.

For those who are touched by the whiteness of the purest metal, viewing some of our pieces could be a thrilling experience.

Do you see that something is missing from the sentence?