Pure and elegant, pearls have long been the symbol of purity & class. symbolizes wisdom, love, success and happiness. It is an aura of pure delight.

Popley presents ‘Mottomo’, pearls for every occasion. Freshwater jewellery make an excellent birthday gift, and are a memorable thing for anniversary gifts.. Pearl jewellery’s gifts, are welcome in any season of the year.

Answer the following few questions and you stand a chance to win exclusive Mottomo from Popley

Q. 1 Pearls is found in which type of water?
a) Fresh water. b) Salt water. c) Brackish water

Q. 2 Pearls is extracted from?
a) Clam b) shell c) oyster

Q. 3 Which is pearl jewellery brand from the stable of Popley?
a) Amore b) Emotions c)Mottomo

To participate in the contest, simply tick the correct answers and just drop it at any of the popley outlet mentioned overleaf and you could be the lucky winner.
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It's not that sir, at the end of the day it will be lucky draw & it's a loyalty programme we are targeting to our loyal customer base that's it