The manager at the company you work for is going to retire next month. The manager’s assistant has invited some suggestions about what kind of event they should do to say goodbye to him.

Write a letter to your manager's assistant. In your letter,

  • say what kind of event you have in your mind
  • mention why you liked him/her as a manager
  • what kind of present can be given to your manager

Dear John,

First of all, I would like to say that it is my pleasure to give some suggestions regarding the farewell program. Though my ideas can’t be the best ones, I will try my best to share my opinions here.

Regarding the event, it would be nice if we organize a small program where we would allocate time to him as well as our colleagues to give departing speeches. Also, it is also a good idea if a farewell song is sung either by solo or group.

In my five years of experience working in our company, I have observed that he is a dynamic manager. He was always punctual and finished his work on time. Moreover, he possesses a good leadership skill.

My suggestion regarding a gift is it would be nice if we give him a leather executive bag and wrist watch .

These are some of my suggestions. Feel free to include other good ideas and I will understand it if my ideas is not accepted. I hope that we will organize a successful program.

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