Some people strongly believe that consuming meats cause serious health problem but I do not agree with them.

Such people are of the opinion that eating meats cause various diseases. They say that cancer is one of the reasons caused by consuming meats. Also fats from animals cause various diseases like heart attack and diabetics.

But when looking at our human history, we have been eating meats for thousands of years and still many are living healthy lives and live till old age. We all know that meats are a good source of protein and they are needed to build muscles and bones. They are also a good source of vitamins and minerals. The only thing to be careful is that we should intake them in moderation so instead of cutting them off completely we should limit their consumption.

In conclusion, the opinion that everyone should become vegetarian is not a good idea. Off course, too much consumption of meats could have health problems. So, the healthy diet should be a combination of vegetables and meats.


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