I came across magazine while reading but I am bit confuse with the structure of the sentences so please help me out is orginal is right or the one in bracket i wrote makes a sense
1. The fastest and the most powerful business solution(solutions) for training and development.
2. This CD contains various business areas from suppliers to results, strategy( or strategies) to processes....
3. This CD contains 750 outstanding & great impact slides that throw(or throws) light on what is excellence & how to make it sustainable.
4. Watch movies all day, it won't flip to another channel
isn't the above would be better to write as : Watch movies whole day, it won't............
5. Not to mentioned expert guidance in(or for) the latest in fashion
1. solution if it is one solution (or it could be used to refer to one company being the solution) or solutions if it is plural.

2. Yes, I'd agree strategies would be better here as the others are in plural.

3. no, slides is plural so the verb is throw. Slides throw. One Slide throws.

4. No, 'all day' is a standard phrase. 'whole day' isn't used in this way

5. No, 'in' is the correct word here.
In th 3rd sentence you said that as slides is plural so verb should be throw. Kindly correct me if I am wrong but in this sentence subject is this CD, and verb needs to agree with the subject so i though it shall be throws instead of throw.