I really like stuff like quizes, you know, those little computer games thingies where you have to answer questions from different areas, like jeopardy for example.Emotion: smile
1. Anyway, my question is if you know any games like that and where i can download them from (i hate playing them online). Maybe you'll think those are dorky, but they really help build up a.. a... well, you know what i meanEmotion: smile

2. Do you know where i can get the normal simple version of Hangman? I searched the web, but i could only fing new expensive fancy versions... anoying.

That's it! Thank you very much! (assuming you'll answer Emotion: stick out tongue )

Hello, Wildros,
I only know of this.

Just Google it and you will find plenty of links.
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
Ok, thanks guys... i'll google it some more, cause i already tried and didn't come up with very relevant stuff, but it's ok... Emotion: smile