I’m good at math
Still I couldn’t add my happiness
Nor subtract my sorrows

I’m good at management
Still I couldn’t organize my relationships
Nor settle matters with my friends.

I’m good at psychology
Still I couldn’t understand people
Nor make everyone like me

I’m good at philosophy
Still I couldn’t understand what my life meant
Nor did I distinguish between life from death
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oh nice and new...i really like it
Thanks BH. Glad that u liked it..
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Excellent one anita..keep sending dont stop .
ur's fan
Thanks Chandran... (I had a classmate in my school with this name...)
That's an interesting idea. Not sure you can say 'distinguish between life from death'; maybe just 'Or distinguish life from death'.

Any other subjects on the curriculum?

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Hi Anita,

Real good one..

Good does not mean mastery.. Valid point.

Mind if i send this to my friends?

Thanks Shankar. You are most welcome to send it to your friends... Hope you give me credit though... Emotion: smile just kidding.. (BTW, were u ever in Orissa, India in your childhood?)
Thanks Mr.P.. If all subjects were included from the curriculam of my life, I'm afraid the poem would be too long to read.Emotion: big smile
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