Hi!! I think it's cool to know about people's culture, so it'll be nice if you could share some of your culture with me!! And maybe, if you want to know something about mine, it'll be my pleasure to talk to you!!
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Hi ralase,

I agree with you about cultures - it's not just interesting but it can teach you to be humble and open-minded. It also helps me to love my own culture more.

So, I'm British (English parents, Scottish upbringing) and I live in France. What sort of thing do you want to know about different cultures? I can generally talk for hours about traditions around holidays in Britain or about the class system or the education system or other stuff.

And where are you from? What have you got to tell us about your culture?
Hi Emmeladelyn!
Yeah, knowing about other cultures can make you change your mind about a lot of things around you!! Well, it would be great if you could tell me a little bit of everything you mentioned! I think british culture is very interesting!

Well, I'm from Costa Rica, and what can I tell you about my culture...What would you like to know about it? I'm willing to tell you everything you want to know about Costa Rica!
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Well, to start with, one of the things I really love about my culture is that the countries of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England are truly different and have their own traditions, but we can all speak the same language. For example, the next big feast day in Britain is Hallowe'en but it's not celebrated in the same way in Scotland and in England and maybe in Wales too, I don't know.

In Scotland we have a similar tradition to the American "trick or treating" but we're supposed to sing a little song or tell jokes to earn our sweets and food. And in the past 20 years we've started using pumpkins like the Americans to make lanterns but we used to use enormous turnips - it's not so easy to sculpt a turnip, I can tell you!

The English of the south don't have such strong traditions at hallowe'en, I think, although we all have parties where we play traditional games and we all dress up in disguises of all sorts.

It's funny but we celebrate Hallowe'en - the Eve of All Saints - a lot more than the feast of all Saints itself, which is almost unknown.

And just 6 days after Hallowe'en we have another feast day, commemorating the execution of Guy Fawkes, who tried to blow up parliament several centuries ago. We have a big fire, either with the family in the garden or with the whole town/village in a central location. We also have lots of fireworks and often have a night-time barbeque. It's The 5th of November, so it's very cold and the fire is not just beautiful but keeps you warm.

So, those are the next feast days and traditions of the United Kingdom - what about the same things in Costa Rica? I don't know much about Costa Rica, yet.
hello Raslase
I believe that knowing and dealing with different cultures is quite useful so I wil tell you some about some from the Arabic culture . we call ourselves the Arabic world (middle East ) , speak arabic in a large space in Africa and Asia and islam is our religion , our culture tells that Arabs should be genrous , brave ,honist and other things the point that I want to make clear is that all these values are from Islam .Also we have very good thing which is the Family we realy like to be in families.
thank you
Hi Muslimflower,

thank you for your post about Arabic/islamic culture. I think it's very important to speak out about the positive side of Islam, since we live in a very anti-islamic culture, although most people know very little about it. I'm Christian but I recognise that both religions encourage similar values, such as generosity, honesty and family values.

However, do you think that Arabic culture is the same in all countries where Islam is the main religion? I think that religion creates similarities in cultures but not uniformity - like in most European countries, where christianity was the main religion for a very long time.
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Thanks for that information, it's so cool, i'd like to experiment that some time!! Sounds funny!!

Well, I'll talk to you about the same feast here in Costa Rica, well, first of all, we don't really celebrate Hallowe'en, because people is kind of afraid of death... Which is such a shame because as I just told you it must be so fun to go and ask for sweets wearing a funny costume and all that!!
Well, but this day isn't totally forgotten, because there are some places that celebrate it, such as discotheques, and that kind of places, but it isn't actually different of the way you celebrate Hallowe'en.

There is a feast day in october the 12th, it's called "The Cultures' Day", it celebrates the day when Cristobal Colon first discovered America, Have you ever heard about it?
And since Costa Rica is a multicultural country, this day is very important, because people is able to celebrate together and show a little bit of their culture, so there is a lot of celebration, such as meetings and that kind of thigs.
I hope it is interesting for you!!
But tell me more things about British culture, I 'd like to know more, and please, if you want to know more too, ask me!!

PD.: I'm sorry I answered this late, It was because I had a little problem with my computer.
Hello Muslimflower!!!

Thanks for your reply, your culture is actually very interesting, and it's very good that for your culture, the family is very important, because in some other countries, like mine, sadly the family is not as important as it is for you...
It would be great if you could talk about some feast days in your culture, or maybe any other thins or values that are important for you too!! Thank you!!
PD: As I said, I'm sorry I answered today, but i had a problem with my computer...
Cultures Day sounds like a really good idea. Britain is a multicultural country but we don't have any sort of national festival of multiculturalism. Since England had an empire for several centuries, over the years people from other countries came to live in Britain and it makes the culture much more colourful and interesting!
I've heard of the american equivalent of Cultures Day, since we receive a lot of American TV and other media where I come from but I didn't know that other countries also celebrated it. By the way, I think that we translate Cristobal Colon in English and call him Christopher Columbus.

In Scotland, people are very proud to be Scots and very proud of the differences in the English they speak and the English spoken in England. The real Scottish language is not very widely spoken, however, since English is a very useful, international language and it allows Scots to live and work in England quite easily (even if people don't always understand their accents).

Since I live in another country and I have colleagues who seem really depressed by bad weather, I've realised that although we don't have a stable, reliable climate in Britain and we often complain about it, I don't think it depresses us too much. We're quite practical and a little rain won't stop us going out and having fun: snow is fun, cold weather is an excuse to eat delicious warm puddings and drink hot drinks - we make the most of what we have, I think. I also wonder if women dress more glamourously in Winter to be like shiny stars in the dark days.

So, there you go. A little more about British culture.
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