I'm really like korean culture,especially the pop music and TV play series. My idol is Rain, the hero of . he is so great in this play series!
I can give u some details (Rain-Korean-a R&B singer as well as a playactor).

last saturday i went to his show in beijing.I have been screaming all the time.the performance is so wonderfull.
i hope Korean friend which love Rain (or i can call crazy-lover of Rain) can contact me to share the same emotion of loving our idol---Rain!

u can call me Christine.

anyway, If u r not Korean, but u do really love Rain. u can also contact me!
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Hi! Im not really familiar with korean culture but i think its interesting to learn other cultures like korean.

And about that popular korean singer/actor rain...he's kind of an interesting celebrity, i find him cool and adorable in the t.v. series full house. I like to watch that series everyday. When my sister and i watched it, you can always see a smile on our faces.... Emotion: smile
hi everyone,

i just like to share my fondness toward BI/RAIN....
he is sooooo cute and handsome at the same time...
i am not fond on researching actors background and everything BUT...
when i saw Fullhouse BI/RAIN here in the Philippines... I was so amazed..
He is shockingly amazing...
i really like him.... he is really good to watch.
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i'm a big fan of "full house." my friend told me that in real life rain is married to his co-star song hye. IS THIS TRUE?!!!

BTW, I'm from the Philippines.
definitely no. they're just friends, i think Bi cleared it up that it was a rumour. he's single. besides, SHK is so SHORT!!!Emotion: angryanyway, full house was good. rain is HOT!!
what the? what does height matter?shes superbeautiful.
they were quite a suitable cute couple in Full House (Y)
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YuP!! ThaTs TrUe!! They were so cute each other..
anyway.. RaiN Is So Adoreable!! he is so charming,,
Love him so MUCH!! (k) FuLL HouSe RuLeS!!!!!!
RAIN is an adorable multi-talented artist. I think he is a lot better than F4 who is still enjoying a big following here in the Philippines. How i wish he will too come to the philippines to realize he is also having a growing number of fans eager to see him in person. His comic antics shown in full house is equally impressive compared that of song hye in full house. At first i did not have an interest to watch full house the first time it was shown here in the philippines. I thought rain is no good for song hye. however upon realizing that the soap enjoyed high ratings i regretted for ignoring the show. I am very grateful that our local channel here decided to give its another shot to the audience. i am always excited to see the replay everyday. Lately an mtv of rain is sandwiched in the middle of the soap, thats only when i realize that he is a great dancer and singer as well. his moves when he dances are fantastic, after all i have a limited knowledge about rain's background. I am so choosy of finding whos who in my favorites and new to my list is RAIN.
hi im from the philippines, i think rain and song hye kyo make a perfect tandem together. their performance in full house is undeniably great. how i wish they would be given a chance to star in another miniseries after full house. for sure we here in the philippines will going to patronize it.
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