Hello, all.

I was really unsure where to post this because much of it has to do with my experience as a teacher of English. I figured putting it here would at least be some kind of warning of the sensitive nature.

I am a 47 year old male licensed English teacher in the Philippines. In my country, there are literally thousands of schools for teaching English to Korean students. This is one of the boom industries here. (Admittedly, many of these schools are of questionable quality since there are no clear guidelines governing them.)

I taught English conversation in a speech center for six years back in the eighties, then stopped to study for my post-graduate, where I received high grades at a top state university reknowned for its Education grads. In short, I am, modesty aside, very qualified.

Yet, after more than four years of trying, I have been unable to find work in any of the Korean-dedicated language centers. The reason given me (when they bothered to give any at all) was unanimous: I was too old.

Supposedly, Korean students are 'uncomfortable' around male English teachers in their 40s. (They don't seem to have much problem with women, though.) As a result, I am still out of work. At this point, I feel so much despair because I have so much to give, but Korean students (allegedly) do not want it.

I am wondering if any other English teachers out there know anything about this. Some of these schools tell me they sometimes make exceptions if the person is qualified, but this hasn't happened with me, yet. In any case, I am, likewise, 'uncomfortable' with having to handle a class or private tutorial that will include having to wear a student's resistance down so they will not see me as some hideous mutant ior something.

I do not wish to make any disparaging remarks against any people. I merely report what I have experienced.
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All I can do is empathize, Pax. There is a certain segment of potential students that are unavailable to me, too-- though I do well with other demographic groups. You can't fight City Hall, and you can't fight cultural bias either; you'll need to either be patient and find your own niche, or try another country (there's plenty more fish in the sea!)
I suggest all unemployed NETs try applying for a job in HK. We are desperately seeking NETs.

PS I agree with Mr. M. Some Chinese seem to believe that English lessons are better explained in Chinese, and Chinese people know their Eng. learners better. But then there are those who believe in NETs. Fortunately, HK principals fall in the latter category.
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Just change another place, I think in these world English teachers are need very much.especially in developing countries.I

wish you can get a new job soon!
Very often Korean students tend to stick together and not mix much with other nationalities this causes problems with learning a new language. I should not worry unduly or fault yourself move on if possible.
Thank you all. I find it interesting that despite these politically-correct times where any hint of profiling is severely frowned upon, no one here has yet refuted these observations.

Moreover, it is significant that in this day and age such a mindset exists in an otherwise highly-developed culture. I guess this should remind us not to take enlightenment for granted; many parts of the world still have a long way to go.

It is interesting to note that if we were to enter this topic in our search engines, the top hits would be this very page. I feel this shows that this problem is practically unknown elsewhere.
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i am interested to teach the korean people in english and on line
hi Mr. Pax,

I was really quite surprised at the experience you shared here. I am currently a college student here in the Philippines too, and a future English teacher. I've had and still have Korean classmates, and I think that they're nice, although some are not really that sociable.

yes, many schools for Koreans are mushrooming now, and I believe that English teachers are really in demand in those schools, that's why I'm surprised of the fact that you are being rejected by the schools you were applying to.

I believe that the age should not be taken into consideration in accepting applicants, as long as the latter is good and competent. In my school, even if some teachers are old enough to retire, they're retained because of their credibility and good skills.

I feel sorry not for you, but for the schools who didn't accept you. Don't worry, there are still a lot of opportunities out there for you. Don't give up, and show them what you got.

good luck!
I have no problem buying your story but apparently reknown shudnt it be renowned?
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