What is it with these people? First, Veggie Benn tells us that taking out a second mortgage to pay for a gallon of petrol is good for the soul.

Then the equally absurd Caroline Flint, a senior NCO in Labour's monstrous regiment of women, suggests the way to beat the credit crunch is for us to sell our houses to the council and rent them back.

Sometimes, as I believe I may have observed in the past, it is difficult to know where to start.

Only in New Labour La-La Land is the thought of people having to pay thirty bob for a litre of unleaded A Good Thing.

Hello! The above context highlighted in blue is from an article by a columnist in Daily Mail (UK)i
I am wondering what 'New Labour La-La Land' refers to?
La-La Land - a land of makebelieve, an unreal world. Used to be nasty about someone - to say they do not deal with/live in reality.
Thank you, Nona the brit.