I have split this into bite sized chunks . Please read the email below and then have a look at the table below. Have I made any obvious mistakes or do you think there is something that I haven't included?

Many Thanks Dave Phillips

To: (Email1 removed)

From: (Email2 removed)

Dear James

Sorry about the delay (1) in writing but this is the first chance I've had to email since I started my CELTA course here. Talk about intensive (2). I'm working (3) so hard (4) that I've had no time to do anything but go to college, attend the lessons, teach in the afternoons and then most evening I spend (5) preparing lessons for the next day. It's really not a complaint (6) though as I've learnt (7) such a lot so far. I must say, I really didn't know that language teaching was so complicated (8). Concept-checking, sub-skills, realia, context - all these phrases (9) are flying around in my head!

I think I've been teaching (10) quite well so far. My tutor said that I had the markings (16) of an excellent teacher the other day (11). It was funny (12) because I thought the lesson I'd just done (13) was dreadful but it can't have been (18) that bad! If I pass the course, I definitely look (19) for work in South America. It seems like the best place to have some fun before I get old and settle down.

Anyway, enough about me. How's your job going at the call centre? Are you going to leave (14) soon? I think you should (17), because you aren't treated (20) well there and the wages are barely enough (21) to live on. Don't you wish you had (15) a job that would take you all over the world?

Better go- got another lesson to plan




Part of Speech/ Name of tense/ analysis of form

What does it mean in this context?

Concept check questions (for this context)

Pronunciation Issues
  • 1. Delay

Noun - countable

There has been a long times= since Nora wrote to James

Did Nora email James immediately? Was it a long or short time since her last email?

/dəˈleɪ/ Stress on the second syllable, schwa sound for the first syllable.
  • 2. Intensive


Extreme about of leaening and work

Does Nora find the course easy? Does she have lots of work to do?

/ɪnˈtensiːv/ Stress on the second syllable
  • 3. I'm working

Verb - present continuous. First person singular + auxiliary verb 'to be' + present participle (-ing form)

Nora is putting effort into studying

Is Nora working at the moment? Does Nora have a job?

/wɜːkɪŋ/ Confusion between r and l. No rolling of the r.
  • 4. Hard


Difficult. Challenging

Can Nora do the work? Does she find it easy?

/hɑːd/ Confusion between r and l. No rolling of the r.
  • 5. I spend

Verb base form. Present Tense. Transative verb. Singular first person.

To pass time

Does Nora need money? What is she spending?

/spend/ Confusion between the p and b and the d and t.
  • 6. Complaint

Noun - Act of complaining

(She is not) expressing a grievance of all the hard work required

Is Nora upset?

/kɑːmˈpleɪnt/ Confusion between l and r. Stress on the second syllable
Probably not -- the original post in this thread was made over a year ago.
I'm not really sure what to look for in the second part of your e-mail. I think you're doing a good job of analysing the word in bold. Which accent is the transcription for? In delay, the first vowel is not a schwa. It's a near-close near-front unrounded vowel, whose symbol in the IPA is a small capital i: ɪ.
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Its a Southern British Accent.

Thanks for your help Rizzy.

can you provide the rest of the passages analysis


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