What do you understand by this statement "language consists of grammaticalized lexis not lexicalized grammar"?
Something like, 'Language is an ordered arrangement of words, not a verbalized structure'. It sounds very anti-Chomskyesque.
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Michael Lewis, right?

Hello dears? May I ask you the difference between lexicalized grammar and grammaticalized lexis?

slide fold 664lexicalized grammar

I understand this to mean a set of grammatical structures with place-holders into which words are "poured". Thus, SUBJECT - VERB - OBJECT becomes thousands of sentences once you substitute the permitted kinds of words for each of the three parts of this particular structure.

This is a "structure-first, words-later" view.

slide fold 664grammaticalized lexis

I understand this to mean a dictionary full of the words of a language, each tagged with various properties which tell us how they can or should be used. If you use them as suggested or directed, they will "automatically" fall into grammatical structures.

This is a "words-first, structure-later" view.


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