Is there a name for the "technique" where someone cuts off a word, i.e. "How are you doin' today?" or "Well, 'cause i said so."
I always see it done with an apostrophe so that leads me to believe there is a name for it.

Thanks for any help.


NO SORRY it was a good try but
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People studying Spanish learn the linguistic term apocope. Is that what you're looking for?
I believ the technique you are thinking of colloquial (informal) language; Example
"1. I'm gonna go down to the beach. You wanna come?

I am going to go down to the beach. Do you want to come?

2. Ain't that strange?

Isn't that strange?

3. Ain't these doo whoppers unusual?

Aren't these things unusual?

4. I dunno where we're meeting up tomorrow.

I don't know where we're meeting tomorrow.

I do not know where we are meeting tomorrow.

5. Danny was as tough as nails. Danny was very tough."

All examples from http://www.skwirk.com.au/p-c_s-54_u-245_t-639_c-2368/alliteration-assonance-emotive-language-coll...
its called slang i think there would be a more correct term for it but that it is generall called slang
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I think its a metaphor. known as slang language. like sup

No, it's not slang.

Broadly speaking, slang involves giving normal words a special meaning (eg calling a gun 'a piece') , or even creating new words.

Have a look here.


I think that would be a contraction, because you're leaving letters out of the word. Hope thats right!
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