Hi everybody,

I'm doing my degree in linguistics and I need people to complete my English experiments for me.

I'm looking for native Greek or native German speakers. The test takes up to an hour, but it can be done over 2 sessions. It is made up of 3 sections. One of the sections is a proficiency test, so if anybody wants to have some feedback on how they did, let me know and I can send the results of that one.

If anyone is interested in doing the tests, here are the links:

For the Greek speakers:

For the German speakers:

Any problems, let me know!


I'd like to try to do the test. I haven't taken a test for ages. What papers do you have to do? How long is it going to be available on the net?
Well, I guess it will be there until September, but I really need as many replies as possible within the next week or so, because I need to have time to analyse the results and write them up.

There are 3 tests. The first is the experimental test. For this there are no right or wrong answers because the sentences are ambiguous. I am interested in finding out which of the 2 possible interpretations people prefer. The second page has a grammaticality judgement test and a proficiency test (Oxford Placement Test). I can give people feedback on the proficiency test and also the GJT if you like.
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
One final point: At the end of each of the two tests, there is a 'submit'
button. When you click on it you should get a message asking if you are
sure you want to send it (click yes). However, a few people have found
that instead they just get a blank email message come up. This has
something to do with the security settings on the computer that you send
it from. If this happens, could you copy and paste the whole of the web
page into the body of the email and send it that way.