Hi everyone

Can anyone tell me what is the difference between "Laptop" and "Notebook"?

Thanks in advance.
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The two terms basically mean the same thing and are often used interchangeably. However Merriam-Webster dictionary distinguishes between the two. Note that outside the context of computers, notebook can mean a book with which you use to take notes by hand.

Pronunciation: 'nOt-"buk
Function: noun
1 : a book for notes or memoranda
2 : a portable microcomputer that is similar to but usually smaller than a laptop computer

Source: Merriam-Webster
Hi Mish

Thanks for your good response. I think the fact that a notebook is smaller than a laptop is the difference I was looking for.

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hi evreybody,

thanks Mish for your advise *_*
how small can a laptop be?
I think the two words refer to the same thing and people often dont care which one is correct (as I do Emotion: big smile). They're interchangeable.
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IBM started marketing its laptops as "notebooks".. also notebooks are smaller I think
Yeah, it's quite confusing, because here in Austria, computer merchandisers only sell "notebooks", although they are huge. I think this distinction didn't come through to the public clearly. Emotion: tongue tied
so the only difference in a Laptop and a Notebook is the size the serve the same purpose.
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