Does anyone out there have an idea to keep the last day of school party from turning into a bore with the students in their normal cliques just sitting around speaking in their first language?
Lots of games. get them going on different games imultaneously,and keep moving them round. Make a board game with silly "forfiets".

This site might give you some ideas for games.


What about a "pub quiz" - general knowledge quiz, played in teams - competition gives an edge!

Guessing game/ animal veg., mineral - everyone brings something from home, decribes it & others have to guess what it is.

"In the manner of the word" - give everyone an adjective; they have to act a little scene in the manner of the adjective, then others guess the word.

"just a minute" v. hard - talk for a minute without hesitation, repetition or deviating from the subject.

Pass the parcel - under each layer is an instruction e.g. run round the room backwards, recite a poem in English, sing a song in English, talk for 30 secs. without stopping etc.