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I want to ask a difficult question. (at least it's quite difiicult for me)

What's the difference between "the last Friday" and "last Friday"? How do they use in making English sentences? If possible, could you please give me an example using each pharse?

If you don't mind, I would ask another similar question:

What's the difference between "the next Friday" and "next Friday"? How do they use in making English sentences? If possible, could you please give me an example using each pharse?

These questions bother me for a long time. Please help me with these problems. Thank you very much![<:o)]
The easy ones are "next Friday" and "last Friday." Today is Friday, November 9. Last Friday was November 2. Next Friday is November 16. (or -- Next Friday will be November 16.)

"The next Friday" (or "the following Friday") refers to the Friday immidiately following some specified event or time. "I can't come on Friday, November 23, but I could come on the next Friday." "He got out of prison on Tuesday, January 1, and the next Friday he was arrested again."

"The previous Friday" (I know you did not ask about this, but I am including it because it differs from "the last Friday") refers to the Friday immedately before some specified event or time. "We left town on Monday. The previous Friday was my last day at work."

"The last Friday" means the final Friday in a specified period. "Our group meets on the last Friday of every month." "This is the last Friday we will be together." "I was in France for six months, but I did not see the Eiffel Tower until the last Friday before my departure..

Does that help?
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EDIT NOTE: Sorry Khoff! My post arrived right after yours, so I did not see that you already gave the answer. Thus, this is not intended to be a duplication.

Dear Viceidol,

From your other post, I had a chance to learn from Yankee that:

It all depends on what you try to convey (i.e., the context):

1. I had a good chat with you last Friday (i.e., the most recent Friday).
2. He has been sick for months. The last Friday I saw him was Oct 19 (i.e., the Friday that I last saw him - not the most recent one).

Similarly, for 'next' and 'the next':

1. We will meet again next Friday (i.e., the immediately following Friday).
2. I won't be back until the end of January (two months from now), the next Friday we meet will be in February (i.e., the Friday after I come back - not the immediate one).

Hoa Thai
Thank you much very much! Your answers are very imformative.
Thank you khoff, I have however an additional question that has bothered me for a while.

How do you use "this Friday"? and what does it mean? Any difference between British and American English?

Thanks again,

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difference between last time and the last time

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