I am so sorry to post it this way. Anyway, enjoy the reading! Have fun!

AismileEmotion: smile

I don't know...

I don't know Mom's love is so rich
Until I am stranded in a foreign island
I don't know myself is so genius
Until I made so many mistakes
I don't know simply to live is so cherishable
Until I have had that near to death
I don't know my life is so fortunate
Until I kissed that orphan I don't know so much I don't know
Until I set out my first step to know
I don't know why the alive are still rambling aimlessly
Until we lost that vigor to wander
And to wonder that passion that we are built for
Hi, Aismile

I liked your poem to much.

can you please tell me. Where are you from?
Hello, Silentwar,
Thanks so much for your like on my poems.

I come from China and Beijing is my hometown. I am currently at the US to pursue my MA degree. This is my second year at the United States. I start to make better sense of what's going there. Last year was terrible.

I like your name by the way. I feel that the process when we are preparing for war is the most peaceful time.

May peace and love surround the universe

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Hi Aismile,

I smile too. I had read a book of Lao Chue when I was younger. It's in a comic book style, it's very beautiful, expressed the meaning of what Lao Chue said. It could adapt to our life harmoniously. Now, that book was given to my friend and we lost contact. I miss that book again when I read your poetry. It's quite compatible.

Yes, may peace and love surround the universe and not by force. Do it with an empty way.
that's intersting, what do you mean with an empty way?
Dear Peter,

Empty from anger or anything that doesn't mean pure. Thanks Peter, you've made my mind reached to the empty again. Just have a chance to observe our mind it could add more value to ourself. I love that book I want to find it again from bookstores then I would translate and give you. It may have in English anywhere but I want to give you in a comic version, it's not boring to see. If you think this is really interesting what Lao Cheu said can explan to you, the empty way.
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I had a feeling that was what you meant. It is sometimes a hard approach to apply!

About the comics, perhaps you could scan them and upload them somewhereEmotion: smile

Thanks too