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As promised.

I got this one from Barb, so, do you want me to link it with the Archives, Lani?:P

"Blue-sky approach", usually used in the business world. "You think about things without any pre-conceived ideas. Don't think about things based on what you know, but free your mind to think without limits."
No need to link to the archives; I trust your word, Ana. Emotion: stick out tongue

This morning:

Vilipend (v. t.) To value lightly; to depreciate; to slight; to despise.
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er.... I'm hesitant to add this after the grave word, vilipend, but... I happened to learn this useful word just now!

knock-off, knockoff (noun, informal)

Definition: An unauthorized copy or imitation, as of designer clothing:
Example: the place to go for quality knockoffs
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