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[url=http://dictionary.cambridge.org/define.asp?key=fair.weather*1+0&dict=I ]a fair-weather friend[/url]

Someone who is only your friend when you are happy and successful
I had a lot of money and I knew a lot of people, but most of them turned out to be fair-weather friends.

one who is a friend only when conditions are good, who will desert you at the first metaphorical dark cloud.
[url=http://www.wordwebonline.com/en/STARSTUDDED ] star-studded [/url]
PuccaI've got a word today (I think it's a word..)

Willy-nilly!:D (It sounds funny, doesn't it?)
Pucca! Are you listening to Word for the Wise, aren't you?? (By the way, there's a supermarket, Pigley Wigley [<:o)], in my neck of the wood.)

Today's new idioms for me:

A shrinking violet is no fan to face, but neither is a motor mouth who never lets anybody get a word in edgewise.

A shrinking violet ... a very shy person
A motor mouth ... (no explanation is needed, I guess)
Get a word in edgewise ... to find an opportunity to say something
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to bid farewell: to say goodbye, sometime the last goodbye when someone is dead.
The first idiom I post. Emotion: big smile

[url=http://www.answers.com/topic/warm-the-cockles-of-one-s-heart ]to warm the cockles of one’s heart[/url]
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To cry for the moon. Emotion: smile It says that it means to cry for something that is not possible.
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