The rules are simple: just write here one of the last words you learnt, memorized, looked up in a dictionary, etc.

Edit: it can also be one of the last idioms or sayings you checked / learnt.

Let's start!

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Do idoms count here, Lani?

If they do, mine was "[url= ]pie-in-the-sky[/url]" :).

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Let's count them too. Emotion: wink

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Okay, the last idiom was "every now and then" which means "sometimes".

I read it in the Chat and asked Barb for the meaning.
You'll be my idiom guide, Pucca. Emotion: big smile

Midge - Another disgusting insect! I had to open Feebs11's link to see how it looked like!:S [url= ]Here[/url]

Lani, this time wasn't an idiom, but, most of them will be!:P
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last idiom " the odd man/one out"

it means like "exceptional" she has always been the odd one out at school

definition : someone or something that is different from the other people or things in a group
I'm glad to know my thread was useful for you, Ana! Sorry that you had to discover another insect! Emotion: stick out tongue



As for:

" the odd man/one out" it means like "exceptional" ...

I think that it has actually a negative meaning, while "exceptional" is positive.
An odd man out should be one who is different from the other because he/she behaves crazily, or in a weird way. Just my opinion! Emotion: smile
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