dear sir:
I, jocelyn a. romero,nurse II at rcb2 5th flr,would like to apologise for late filing of my vacation leave
starting feb. 20-march 31 due to family medical problem.

I have received a call from my other sibling that our dearest sister, who is based in the united state,
had been rushed in the nearby hospital due to pneumonia and diabetes complications.

I was very sad and very much affected about my sister's dilemna, to the fact that i am also a nurse
who rendered care to my patients with all my heart and sincerity.Saddened by the unstable condition of
my sister, i regretfully set aside my work to keep me updated on her status and not bothering to file a vacation leave
because i'm afraid to leave my family in times like this.

Showing my concern about the family's predicament,i neglect my duty to report or file a vacation leave as
early as possible.

I'm begging for your understanding why i file this vacation leave too late.
respectfully yours,
Hi! kindly help me to arrange this letter for my Director for the late filing of vl.thanks and God bless! joy
The Director does not want to hear all of those personal and emotional details, Joy-- make your request short and direct, like this:

Dear Mr [Surname],

I would like to apologise for the late filing of a vacation leave from February 20 to March 31.

My sister in the United States was rushed to hospital with pneumonia and diabetes complications. Concerned about her condition, I neglected my duty to report or file for vacation leave while our family was preoccupied with this situation.
I hope that this oversight will not adversely affect your granting my tardy leave request,

Respectfully yours,

Jocelyn A. Romero
Nurse II, RCB2, 5th Floor
thanks a lot Mister Micawber!!! Emotion: embarrassed[Y][Y]