Could anyone translate the Latin expression "i maestri di color che sanno" into English?

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Seems to me to be Italian, not Latin, perhaps a translation from Aristotle (Poetics??) quoted by Mills. It seems to be:

"The masters of color who know .... " but I don't know Italian except very approximately.
Yes, you are quite correct. It is the Italian which Dante talked about Aristotle and was quoted by Mill.
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Seems to be used by Ezra Pound in Cantos, and the translation is at the end:

Reestablishing a poetic tradition traced from Homer's Odyssey and Dante's Divine Comedy, the Cantos are a modern epic. In his 1934 essay "Date Line" (in Literary Essays of Ezra Pound), Pound defined an epic as "a poem containing history." He further declared, in An Introduction to the Economic Nature of the United StatesSelected Prose, 1909-1965), "For forty years I have schooled myself, not to write an economic history of the U.S. or any other country, but to write an epic poem which begins `In the Dark Forest,' crosses the Purgatory of human error, and ends in the light and (1944; reprinted in `fra i maestri di color che sanno' [among the masters of those who know]."

As an Italian, I'd rather translate this way: "the teachers of those who know"
TanitAs an Italian, I'd rather translate this way: "the teachers of those who know"
Thanks. Does "color" mean "those" in Italian?
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The phrase in Dante (Inferno IV) is in the singular, and refers to Aristotle:

Poi ch'innalzai un poco più le ciglia,
vidi 'l maestro di color che sanno
seder tra filosofica famiglia.

It means: I saw the master of those who know (have knowledge).

fra i maestri di color che sanno

Yes, I wonder about this, too. Does this phrase not refer to 'masters/teachers of colour'?

I'm not familiar with the context. Perhaps it refers to painters, or to writers who 'paint a colourful picture' with their words?

Best wishes, Clive
If you turn the problem around and assume that the given translation is correct, you can then re-translate into Italian as follows:

among the masters of those who know>>> fra i maestri di quelli che sanno

Maybe it´s just a issue of a wrong transcription alongside a correct translation.
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