Hi All,
Which of the following is correct?

latter half of the day.


later half of the day.
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This could provoke some debate. I would say "the latter part of the day", or refer to "later in the day". Emotion: smile
Maybe with some context? With English, you definitely cannot do without the context!
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"Later" and "latter" are synonymous in the meaning of "more advanced in a period".
So "later" and "latter" are both correct in your sentence, though people seem to prefer the "latter".

You said it, Pieanne!! Ain't that the truth.
1. I read Arabic in the afternoon, and Greek in the morning. In my opinion, the latter half of the day is more conducive to the study of an ancient tongue.

2. I read Greek in the morning, and Arabic during the later half of the day.


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Please tell me which one is correct in the following sentence:

I will be present in the latter(later) half of the day.

The best time to upgrade my machine is later next week in the latter half of the day.

Is this a good use!!!!
Means more like the other side of the afternoon. Ive read it in terms like, “the latter half of the toast”
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