We are all equal before the law.

I think it is incorrect to write 'the law' here.
It should be just 'law'. Because this is a general statement.
So the word law should bear the uncountable nature. Why do we write 'the law' here?
However, everybody writes, for example, all are equal before the law.
Why don't we drop the article?
Your thoughts are welcome.
the law is the correct one because we talk about a specific system of rules.
It doesn't mean 'the law' as in an individual piece of legislation.

It means 'the law' as in the whole system of legislation (and its regulation) of a country. Think of 'the law' as short for 'the legal system of this country'.

We do use 'the law' in this case.
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We don't talk about specific laws here. We are generilizing the fact that in court cases or any other legal procedures everybody is equal.
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Thanks Nona
I would agree with you. I am not so clever as you; so I coudn't figure it out.