I want to know if lay a finger on sth can mean choose sth.

Dictionaries tell that lay a finger on sb means do harm sb Ex. Don't lay a finger on me. I will call the police

What I am saying is that. can we use lay a finger in the following context meaning choosing sth.?

"If i have to say my best ever friend, I have to lay my finger on Jack who has helped me in every possible way. "

hrsaneiI want to know if lay a finger on sth can mean choose sth.
The "harm" definition is correct.

I've never heard the expression used as you suggest.

We use "lay my hand on something."

I've been looking for that old poem, but I can't seem to lay my hand on it.

I'd like to lay my hands on a couple of tickets to the concert.

We use "put my finger on something."

I know I've seen her before, but I can't put my finger on where it was.
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Thanks Avangi.

So I think I have to put my finger on.

If I want to choose the best place I have ever seen on the net, I have to put my finger on English Forums.

Does the following sentence convey the meaning I want.

Yes, it's possible. ". . . . point my finger to etc." is a bit more common in this context.

"Put my finger on" is commonly used when you can't remember or find something:

If I [can] put my finger on the story, I'll bring you the magazine.