So that I may be a better home schooling parent for my teenage daughter, please confirm or correct the following for me. Thank you so much!

Person who is doing the lying down:

I lay, I was lying; I lie, I am lying; I will lie, I will be lying
You lay, you were lying; you lie, you are lying; you will lie, you will be lying
He/she lay, she was lying; she lies, she is lying; she will lie, she will be lying

This was where I felt confused:

Talking about putting something down:

I laid it downyesterday, I was laying it down; I lay it down today, I am laying it down; I will lay it down, I will be laying it down.
You laid it down, you were laying it down; you lay it down (now), you are laying it down; you will lay it down, you will be laying it down
She laid it down, She was laying it down; she lays it down, she is laying it down; she will lay it down, she will be laying it down
Ok, here we go:

Actually, you have two different verbs here:
1) to lie ("to lie [by itself]"), past tense: lay, past participle: lain, present participle: lying
2) to lay ("to make sth. lie"), past tense & past perfect: laid, present participle: laying

The difference is NOT that someone is "doing the laying down" vs. " putting something down" but:
1) someone or something is lying down (by itself) - eg: I'm lying in bed
2) someone lays something down (in order to make it lie) - eg: I'm laying the pencil on the table (The result is that the pencil then will be lying (NOT laying) on the table)

According to this, the forms are:

1) I lie (in bed) - I lay (in bed) - I've lain (in bed) - I was lying (in bed) - I'll lie (in bed) - I'll be lying (in bed)

1) He lies (in bed) - he lay (in bed) - he's lain (in bed) - he was lying (in bed) - he'll lie (in bed) - he'll be lying (in bed)


2) I lay (it down) - I laid (it down) - I've laid (it down) - I was laying (it down) - I'll lay (it down) - I'll be laying (it down)

2) He lays (it down) - he laid (it down) - he's laid (it down) - he was laying (it down) - he'll lay (it down) - he'll be laying (it down)

Hope that helps Emotion: smile
Dear Pemmican,

You clarified my question and my answer. Thank you very much and Happy New Year!