1. I lay down on that long chair and let myself go.

2. I lay [or use 3rd verb form of lie i.e lain here?] there with pateince and the pointing light covered my whole face.
I have two questions one already asked in brackets.
In this First sentence lay i used as second forum of lie (lay,lain) which means to be in a horizontal position.
But if i place Lay (lay,laid,laid) means to put or place some thing, the net dictionary point out its meaning: set down, rested upon
So please help me to understand and set correct Lay use.
This site looks like it has a pretty thorough explanation.
Thanks RayH!
I was using laid to my ownself. After reading I came to know its difference.
I have small question not about this verb but basic grammer question.
Do we always applied 3rd form of verb with (has,have,had) otherwise not in the sentence ?