I am always wondering what's the difference of this two? Does the meaning of Lead Time& Delivery Time is the same? Please help me, thank you!
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Usually, but I suppose that not everything gets 'delivered' so delivery time is not always appropriate.
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lead time noun [C, U]
the time between receiving an order and delivering the product or service to the customer ->OXF
[C] the time it takes to prepare, make or deliver sth -> LONG

delivery time=term of delivery
[C] the amount of time that a company takes to get goods ready for delivery, for example the time it takes to obtain them or make them ->LONG
He wants to make sure we maintain the quality and delivery time (how long it takes to make and deliver a product) -> OXF
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Lead time are included process of prepare material, produce and transport to customer.

So how long of lead time depend on type of material, product and process.

Deliverty time is only transport period to custoermer.

That mean delivery time is part of lead time and part of supply chain process.

Hope the short meaning can help you.
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