I have searched all over the internet for resources regarding American Accent Training/Curriculums, however, I am having absolutely no success. Please, somebody help me!!!
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Can u please send me the details of the book? I've been searching from bookstores, but I couldn't find one. Thanks in advance.
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I too am looking for a good Accent Training book.
Although I'm more of a linguist by nature, I do have some students asking for more specific accent training and can't find a good book anywhere! (I'm not stateside either.)

As for email addresses, um, maybe I can send you and email or something for the information. I don't like to post such things.
Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
Try these sites. I think they are free to access and listen to.


Hi Malloren

I am Odalis Manuel Sanchez from the Dominican Republic,

I am an Audio Linguistic Student always looking for an acurate english accent and I have been succesful through this method. I have never been to the States and I wish you could hear my accent which is not an excelent one but very close to a native accent. also.

I am looking for any Job opportunity any where in the States so that I could increase my languages speaking capacities. It could be teaching English as a Second Language, being a translator, an operator or anything related to use these languages, I’m a Native Spanish speaker, I speak fluently English with and English Foreign Language Teaching Certificate, I speak French and some German too.

Please help me sending me any related information to the following e-mail address.

(email address removed, please add it to your profile)
You're most likely from Los Banos, Laguna, the UP Campus there. There are lots of people there who will be more than happy to tutor you. And for much much less than it would cost you for a full blown course. Where? Who? Follow the Korean students to their tutors (caveat: not all tutors are created equal). Emotion: wink
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If you need just a bit of touchup why not simply rent a movie of your favorite accented star, and repeat the phrase, see what they put emphasis on etc. however fake it may be, it helps because you've got something to build off of. The accent is commonly just the letters and words one puts emphasis on. It helps to start some where.

Try getting your students to watch some American television Emotion: stick out tongue
To those wishing to know more about the book I use, just email me. My address is in my profile.
I want teach english of high level.Can you help me.Please sir this is my request
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Hi, my name is George, I came to the as an adult and despite of living here for 8 years, I still had a strong accent.
The book “American Accent Training” helped me a lot to improve it. The book does not just teach to pronounce separate words but makes you aware of the rythms of the language. Even if you pronounced each word perfectly, no rhythm would make you sound robotically. I memorized one of the exercises in the book and practice it all the time while driving to help in the assimilation of the concepts. Besides, I have also memorized a couple of poems and tongue twisters to practice the pronunciation constantly. I improved a lot in a couple of months.

Good luck
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