I have searched all over the internet for resources regarding American Accent Training/Curriculums, however, I am having absolutely no success. Please, somebody help me!!!
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Sorry for disturbing u all here: I'd like to know why are u so interestend in American accent? I mean: we 're talking in English. Isn't English native language of Great Britain's people? And if so, is it right to say that real English is British English?

Here in Italy, people from south speak a very different Italian from northern people but, as we live in the same country, it's impossible to say that we have "different types of Italian language" but just some dialects.

For English language, it's different: it's very particular that people coming from various parts of this earth talk in the same language. But, if it's the same language, why are we making this difference between "American English" and "British English"??? The only important thing, in my opinio, is to use it in the right way.

Indeed, it's so easy to distinguish an American from an English....

I'm really curious about this...but I also understand that my talk is a little bit strange, but U have to understand me...here in Italy it's 01.19 am!!! Emotion: smile

In my case, I want to be able to speak 'American' English simply because I live in . I guess if I lived in I would be trying to use their accent. By improving my 'American English' I also mean English in general.

I am trying to move up the corporate ladder in the area of sales and I feel I need to work to reduce the “Spanish” accent that I have while talking in English.
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I don't see why anyone would want to speak with an American accent, unless you were from America. Why not speak English in your own accent? I suppose it comes down to the nationality of the person or people you were taught by, and their influence on the student.

You could always learn to speak proper English, like wot I do ;-)
I've been to tenerife this summer and I couls see just CNN and BBC. I really didn't understand a word from BBC while I understood quite everything from CNN. I really don't know why! and when american people talk to me, they think I'm English! Emotion: surprise

Don't understand!
Hi All,

I have been conducting Neutralized American Accent Training in Makati, Malate, Libis, and Quezon City for the last three months now. I have worked with Korean, Japanese, and Filipino executives, high school teachers, university students, and Filipino professionals. I utilize the book by Ann Cook, but I have developed my own module and literature, which I intend to have published here in the Philippines. I am a Fil-Am professional from Las Vegas, NV, and I attended elementary, high school, and college in the US. I was a university writing consultant for three years and won numerous awards in debate, forensics, public speaking, and dramatics. If anyone is interested in the training program, feel free to contact (email address removed, please add it to your profile)Email Removed...or" mce_href="mailto:me...Email Removed...or"> visit neofilipino.bravehost.com for more information...FYI, my module includes phonetics, blending, intonation, conversation, commonly mispronounced words, among many other things...

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Hi! I just saw your response on the matter posted on this site. Actually , I was looking for British/American Accent Training because I am trying to explore the possibility of becoming a Trainer in Call Centers. Would you help me , please? Am a masters in English, lecturer in Colleges, presently in Oman, originally from India. You understand, that my accent is not particularly British, nor is it American. I wish you could help.


hi Teacher Eric!!!

My friend and I are currently looking for an "American accent training program". can you help us??? please...
i gotta say your grammar is atrocious (no offense meant though) i'm a terrible speller. i hope you teach american accent well though. you might wanna apply for part-time work in my training school in pasig - for accent of course, not grammar Emotion: wink
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How much do you charge for your Accent Training?

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