I have searched all over the internet for resources regarding American Accent Training/Curriculums, however, I am having absolutely no success. Please, somebody help me!!!
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Hai George,

I am Viswanatha menon from Banglore. I would like to know from where the book named "american accent training "can be bought.I will be grateful if you could send me the details to

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I believe that you're overlooking the fact that call center agents in the Philippines are taking calls mostly (if not 100%) from Americans, and the "thwang" is needed to communicate more efficiently with them.

Imagine this, a visayan talking to a tagalog in Filipino. If the Visayan can't pronounce or enunciate properly what he is saying in the "right" tagalog way then there will be difficulties understanding what he's talking about. Same is true with a Pinoy talking to an American, it's not enough that you are gramatically correct but at least can talk clearly - and im not saying 100% american accent.

Let's not look at it as "talking like an American" but "communicating more efficiently with them".
HI, Wendy.

I apologize for the tardy reply. However, I currently do not possess the technology we would need for me to properly coach you.

It may be a great idea to rent the film or any other film that uses a Louisiana accent and dialect. That's the next best thing you can learn from.

Good luck with the play! Let me know how it turns out.

Arvin Gatmaitan
i am 16 and live in britan, i speak like a brit kid, but can also speak like a california kid with great ease, i am moving o austin and am frankly crapin my pants about weather ill pick up the accent. what do u think. my mom spak like an american, and i lived with my whole life.
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buddy I don't think you understand. The reason why there is a need to understand the American accent, where working in a call center is concerned, is because we deal with American callers. we need to know how they pronounce words, form sentences, and their idioms. Although the trend nowadays is focusing on a more neutral accent (meaning an accent that is neither American, Bristish,etc.), we still need to know how they speak to better understand them. I have been working in the call center business for 4 years. I have seen the results of what happens when an agent who is not familiar with the American tounge have difficulty in understanding what his/her caller is talking about. Worse yet, the agent's accent becomes a problem because the person on the other line couldn't understand what is being said.

Regarding the pay, yes we don't get paid as much as our american counterparts. why is the job here in the Philippines? WE DO THE JOB WELL, that's why.
My apologies to all who have e-mailed me. Because of my killer schedule, it would take some time before I can reply. But I do try to reply as best as I can. Just be patient with me because I get like 50 letters a week asking about American accent training alone. For those who want to take my phonetics class, just e-mail me and we can talk more about the details. It might be better to form a group of up to 10 people so you could share the cost. I usually hold my classes in a hotel function room. For those who need a quicker reply, include your contact details in your e-mail so I can call you.

By the way, "Fil-Ams" Arvin Gatmaitan and Chris (check their posts in this thread) and myself have already hooked up and we're planning something big. In fact, Arvin and I are currently working on an ESL project. As for the book needed for accent training, Ann Cook's book is good (I also use it for reference), although I found some entries and exercises to be not so useful and effective. I believe an update is necessary to incorporate new approaches to ESP.
hi, all!

this will seem weird: it took me more than 2 years to finally create an account here in EnglishForward.com since i posted, as a "guest" (back then), about the american accent (post : 54528).

my apologies to those who sent me emails asking to be tutored. if you are not in the philippines, then i would not have been able to give you much more than just advice.

anyway, i'm just making myself known here. now that my introduction is out of the way, let me greet my colleague, teacher eric. ok, bro. i finally remembered to do this!

looking forward to 'reading' from you all,

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hi, lervelyn.

you haven't mentioned which call center you are training to work in. but most of them have their own english trainers. please let us know if they don't run you through accent training. actually, please let us know anyway even if they give you accent training.

'til then, good luck to you!

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