I have searched all over the internet for resources regarding American Accent Training/Curriculums, however, I am having absolutely no success. Please, somebody help me!!!
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Teacher EricI may be able to help you with that. I teach American accent and pronunciation in Manila, Philippines and one of the books I own has helped me greatly. I'm not sure if the book is available stateside but if you're interested, please post your email so I can send you the details.
hello eric,


where is your school located in the philippines? may i know because i'm going to enrol. i want to be trained and would like to learn the american accent.

Ms. Marga
hello everybody there.. iam doing fine and hopping u too . iam very glad to see the way u r discussing and searching and getting help about an american accent training. really iam somalian and now iam in somalia i would like to see the american accent training book coz it concerns about me although i rather speaks english but it is not the perfect way as i think .

me i always like to speak as a native guys do. anyway could u plz inform me if there is books and cds and other things can make me perfect ?

take care

my name is raage
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My name is Syed and i am working in an reputated Call center now ,Well i want to become an voice and accent trainer but i am lacking with my teaching skill,I just want to suggest you all that i want to get through training in HYDERABAD.INDIA

I have searched out on all the websites but i couldn't find it out

If at all please help me out

Warm Regards

Syed Azhar ali
dear Sundar, syaed, and bloody Ginga Din for that matter:

My advice to you is to start drinking heavily and then watch Sam Kinison, and Richard Pryor comedy videos. When it starts getting funny, then you'll understand the American accent. Emotion: stick out tongue
Teacher Eric,

Im from the Philippines and I would like to know the title of the American Accent book your using. Right now i'm training on How to Speak and Sounds like American. Thank you.

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Hi Arvin and Eric:

My name is Carol W. I'm currently finishing-up my certification on ESL (teaching English as a Second Language) at Berkeley University, CA. In the past 10 years, I've had a couple of successful businesses that made me travel between the Philippines (and other parts of Asia) and the US. Recently, Ive been studying the trends of the Call Centers in the Philippines. I'm married to an american and I've lived in the US for 22+ years. My American accent is pretty good but I would like to formalize my speaking skills. I was in Manila for 15 days in April to early May to do a market research on my business of interest and I will go back there in a few weeks to start it off (along with a couple of business partners). I will be the CEO of our operations. Part of our network for this business will be DOT (Dept of Tourism) and PCVC (the international arm of DOT) - these agencies conducted a Job Fair on April 6, 2006 in Manila, Cebu and Davao and the Call Center who participated at the Job Fair didnt have much success. So my connections at DOT and PCVC are very supportive of my business idea.

I'm very sure that we could work together on some level, would you be interested to communicate with me about that? I may need your help on the accent reduction program.

Best regards,

Carol W

I am a native of India living in New York. I plan to open up a consultancy that will provide enthusiasts like Usha help with American accent and related things.
Hi Nympha,

I sent an email to Arvin and Eric a few days ago through this website --- but then I realized that their emails were dated a few months back so I dont know if they'll be reading our emails soon.

Unfortunately, accent reduction trainng cannot be done by reading books alone - you'd have to work with someone who already speaks English with the American accent. Verbal language learning is an audio experience. I've lived in the US for 22 years and I'm finishing up my ESL (teaching English as a Second Language) Certification at Berkeley University, California, USA. I'm curious, how much would you and others who may want to speak in American English (say for a call center job); be willing to pay for a 4-week accent reduction training program? Each session will be 4 hours per day for 4 weeks.

Thanks for your reply.

Carol W.
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Hi, Carol W.

You were right! I didn't get to read your posts 'til just now. I haven't been checking this thread as often. Someone posted a link to an English Training Center in Makati <website address removed>. That's our temporary website with our temporary poster being displayed.

Our new website in the works. The company is called American English Skills Development Center, Inc. And we are operational. Our main office is in ANTEL 2000 Corporate Center along Valero Street in Makati (Salcedo Village) - Unit 1605. More info on that to come really soon.

But my main purpose for posting today was to say, "Yes, I'm interested in communicating with you about possibly working together at some level."

If you're often online, then you might have a better chance of catching me if you use yahoo messenger (my prefix is "arvsworld"). I'm hoping to hear from you soon.

Regards (and sorry for the late reply),

Arvin G.
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