I have searched all over the internet for resources regarding American Accent Training/Curriculums, however, I am having absolutely no success. Please, somebody help me!!!
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DoodlesI don't see why anyone would want to speak with an American accent, unless you were from America. Why not speak English in your own accent? I suppose it comes down to the nationality of the person or people you were taught by, and their influence on the student.

You could always learn to speak proper English, like wot I do ;-)

I'm interested in learning how to speak with American accent because i work as a telesales agent in an American Company and i receive many calls a day and although i understand americans perfectly well sometimes the customers have a hard time understanding my accent because they say is very strong and sounds like broken english according to them.

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How are you. I am a chinses living in Victoria,Bc,Canada. I want to imporve my spoken English and soft my accent.

Looking thourgh your message, i know you are a nice guy. Could you mind helping me and keeping touches with me?

Please response me
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Hey Everyone, My Name is David Samson, I am going to here shortly, My wife is from there. I just wanted to say that there is no way to learn to speak English from a book. The best way is to listen to either someone speaking or a tape and mimic. A speech therapist would be best because they will teach you correctly from the beginning. I wanted to ask anyone there if they know any Good English Speaking Filipinos, because I am going to hire someone there in Talisay, Cebu Shortly. If anyone knows anyone who speaks as good as the Filipinos that works at the call center

Good Luck Everyone,

David Samson
Hi Arvin,

I'm currently working as a Head Teacher in a language school in Ortigas. Our school caters to Koreans. I'm just wondering, can we hire you as a trainer for American Accent Training? Let's say 2 Saturdays only...

If you want to learn spoken english or conversational english and accent I can recomment the best training center in makati City, the name is American english skills Development Center Inc. you can find them on the Net.

they have American anf Fil-Am trainers and good modules too.

Try them .. really good value for your money.
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Teacher EricAll Americans speak with their own "brand" of American accent, but do all of them know how to teach others how to sound like them? We know that American English sounds different from Filipino English, but do we know what the differences are exactly? There's no doubt the best way to get the accent is through exposure to the accent itself, but how many people have the opportunity to spend some time in the US?
Why do you need to live in the US in order to get exposure to the American accent? Do you think that living in the US gives you the guarantee that you are exposed to English?
Teacher EricI agree there's no single book that can make you speak like an American. But to effectively teach students how to get the American accent and pronunciation, you need a good book. You need a good book to jump start the learning process.
Why do you need books if you want to change your accents? Do you really think you can "teach" somebody to "get the American accent and pronunciation"? How exactly do you want to do that?
Hi everyone,

I share the same concern as the person who started this thread. I just need some online referrence so I can train on my own too. Does anyone know any link to where I could get information about american accent? If you know any site which provides drills and exercises, that would be great!

- Loverenth from the Philippines
Hi, can you handle a group of say 10 who's interested in accent training? Can you give me a quote on how much an accent training will cost? Please include also the course outline and how many hours?

Thanks in advance! mau corta
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Hi Eric, can you give me the Details of that book? I am a Filipino and i just moved here in the USA 9 months ago. Though i speak english fluently my accent keeps me from getting the job i wanted.

Thank you so much
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