I have searched all over the internet for resources regarding American Accent Training/Curriculums, however, I am having absolutely no success. Please, somebody help me!!!
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I may be able to help you with that. I teach American accent and pronunciation in Manila, Philippines and one of the books I own has helped me greatly. I'm not sure if the book is available stateside but if you're interested, please post your email so I can send you the details.
Hi Eric, nice to meet you! Thank you so much for your quick response!! I would greatly appreciate the details on this book. My email address is (email removed, please add it to your profile)
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Im interested to take an American Accent Training, would you be of any help? I come from the Philippines.
hi, all!

i'm not sure how long people have been wanting to learn to speak american. i have actually been thinking of putting up (like they say in american pie, "band camp") some sort of "american-english camp".

anyone who's lived in the US for years knows that there are different accents in each part of the country. there's a valley accent, a brooklyn accent, a boston accent, a jersey accent, a texas accent, a louisiana accent, the ditzy blonde accent, you name it.

unfortunately, like in most call center agents i've heard, most people just don't sound convincing enough to pass for an american. this is where i plan to step in - for those who want help in improving the way they speak american.

i lived in the US - from 1989 to 1997. i studied there, had a multitude of american friends, stayed in CA, VA, MA, NY intermittently. but my home base was in NJ.

i don't believe there's any one book that can help people with their speech. this is a very "hands on" learning experience. something books cannot do - because you simply cannot talk to a book.

any interested individuals contact me at:
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my name is arvin gatmaitan. i'm 32 years old and currently reside in paranaque.
i studied in middlesex county college and in the new jersey institute of technology.
i've done different voice projects since i came back in 1997 and have even DJ'd in a local radio station in alabang.

thanks for your time, guys!

All Americans speak with their own "brand" of American accent, but do all of them know how to teach others how to sound like them? We know that American English sounds different from Filipino English, but do we know what the differences are exactly? There's no doubt the best way to get the accent is through exposure to the accent itself, but how many people have the opportunity to spend some time in the US?

I agree there's no single book that can make you speak like an American. But to effectively teach students how to get the American accent and pronunciation, you need a good book. You need a good book to jump start the learning process.

To Arvin: Maybe we can join hands in setting up an American English school or an American accent consultancy agency in the Philippines. I already have something going on and I've been doing American accent classes for call centers since last year. But I'm always on the lookout for new challenges. What do you think?
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I am a filipino american having been born and raised in the states. I moved here 5 years ago. I know work in a telecommunications company here and create broadband products and services. I would like to explore the opportunity you presented about accent training consultancy. My job is demanding and I only have late nights and weekends free. I may be able to bring in another american who specializes in distance learning in developing countries and wants to consult on this field in the Philippines.

Pls contact me on (email removed, please add it to your profile) to discuss further.
This is great! Let's discuss this further.Emotion: smile

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HI all
Just wanna share my view point. As a connecting world and increasing English-medium communication, I think people would speak English to a Japanese student, a Fillipinno personnel, a swedish girl, anyone else, not only English native speakers so my concern is not any specific kind of accent, but spoken language can be various kinds of accent based on a speaker's mother tounge. To me message is more important for communication than accurate accent. If you are in very formal communicating situations or highly-linguistic requirements, the accent accuracy is a must. I might be wrong, just my view....
My dearest English.
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