I am ok with writing and speaking, but when it comes to American idioms, I find myself lost often times. I am trying to learn idioms now. I found this site: http://www.youzienglish.com is cool. It has idiom of the day.

I'd suggest buying
Spears, American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

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the 2 sites are very good

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Cool, I've got to know what "still up in the air" means! Emotion: smile
"still up in the air" means that decisions have not yet been made or that plans are not yet finalized.

I'm not sure what we will be doing this Saturday. We'll decide on Friday. Right now, our plans are still up in the air.

Once things are no longer up in the air, they have either "fallen into place" or "fallen apart".

fallen into place = everything worked out.

fallen apart = nothing worked out.

Here's a great idiom website I stumbled upon many months ago. It has definitions and the history of how an expression came to be:

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Thanks for sharing.
Hey Anonymous, I recommend www.idiomconnection.com too, it's very easy and simple. It also has idioms about animals and birds and other things. Start studying from there, it's enjoyable.