I'm just studying English for about 4 years and I want to improve my vocabulary, but how to? I mean, the learning isn't the problem, but were to get a "normal" vocabulary-trainer, with included vocabulary?

thx for your reply

I want to improve my vocabulary, but how to!
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The best single way to build vocabulary is by reading, as much as you possibly can.
Hello Everybody,

I'm diligently trying to improve my vocabulary.

I've been reading the newspaper for the past one year and I too have read some vocabulary building books like "Word power made easy" by Mr. Norman Lewis. The book was an excellent one and that kick-started my vocabulary builing habit.

Now, I have moderate vocabulary and the main problem is HOW TO APPLY THE NEWLY LEARNED WORDS? That's the million dollar question for me!

I try my level best to use the newly learned words in my mails and I'm quite satisfied with it.

Is there some more ways to improve them?

Thanks in advance,
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It would be great for you to find a friend (or more!) whose mother tongue is English!
It would be great for you to find a friend (or more!) whose mother tongue is English!
Hmm, that is good but I think the most important thing is you can share something which both of you are interested in with each other.

I have a few net friends who are native English speakers but it seems we ended at nothing to talk abt with each other.

I perfer forum in which we can share our questions here and learn different opinions from ppl.
Aren't there any English clubs where you live?
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I am in China.
Well there may be English Clubs even in China!
I don't have the foggiest idea. But there are English corners in universities or colleges of China. English corner is free and hold in the open probably a time every week. Any English fans can take part in and most of them are students.
Some English native speakers who usually are the teachers of that school will go to there and they always steal the limelight.

Hmmm, It is midnight now here. I am going to hit the hay. Have a good time there. Bye.
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