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Guest you're spot on that is exactly what will and must happen. Let us all speak a form of English which makes communication easier. Whether one likes it or not it has replaced French as the international language.
CloudMy brother works at an amusement park and one day he said there were these british ppl there and they came to his game thing(its to hard to explain exactly what he does) and he was explaining how the game works and one of them were like 'righto!' after he was done. I understand this term, but i think its ironic how some british ppl get mad at madonna,(see thread about british vs. american) and perhaps me, for using a word thats not exactly a word, when they, the "correct" speaking ppl, use a word thats not exactly a word either.

Why is that? Are all americans considered dumb using slangish(another word that i think isnt a word) terms?
Because british ppl r weird
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im sorry to say but idk what british people are saying half the time

other than "right-o" but i do like that word "RIGHT O!"