Learn how to communicate in english with the help of asian tutor. I've been looking for online teaching and I'm willing to teach students in any grade level from asian countries. Let me help you to learn more about english grammar, spelling and pronunciation. Also, I want to meet new friends online to know their culture and learn their languages.
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Thank you for you help. I'm Vietnamese. I want to comunicate to other in English, but I can't. I know that it's not hard but I'm not good at. Can you give me any method effectly to learn. Thank you and see you soon.
Hi, I'm Linh. I want to listen exactly English but I can't. I take a long time to learn and no result. Can you give me any method? Thank you and see you soon.
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Hi, I'm Danny from Bulgaria. First of all, you shouldn't be embarrassing to speak English. Try ,try and try! It doesn't matter that you can do mistakes- just the speaking is the only one way to learn it! So speak! Speak, read or listen this wonderful language!

hi iam suji from india i would like to learn englsh grmmer and as as vocablry i hope u will hep in this through voice chat be on touch takecare
I want to meet new friends online to know their culture and learn their languages.
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Hope i got the right person to whome iam looking for, i wished to improve my English since i have been working for a US based company, so if you can assist me on this via online will be a big help for me ...


Emotion: crying iam aiso safaring that problem.
I'm from China and want to learn English ,first of all I want learn how to speak.May be we can conmunicate .
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