It’s always helpful to be familiar with different accents. Not only does this familiarization helps you to know where the people you are speaking to come form, but also it helps you understand them better if you know the variation in pronunciation and accent.

There is an MP3 file with 8 different sentences read by 8 people with different nationality and accent. I was wondering where probably they come from and what is there accent.

Please someone who is familiar with these accents specifies the speaker’s nationality and accent. Pleas be SPECIFIC (e.g. don’t say only he is American, pleas determine which city or state or area…fore example south east England or Boston).

Lots of thanks in advance!

Because I was not able to upload the MP3 file here I put it in another forum, so if you are intrested in helpping please check out the link below or kindly email me then I will happily send you the whole MP3 file as an attachment.

Here are the sentences:
1. She’s a writer of romantic novels
2. Read about it in news papers.
3. She went to hospital because she had heart problems.
4. We watched TV and then went to bed.
5. I want to thank you for your help.
6. They were jailed for robbing this bank.
7. With a bit of luck, we’ll win this game.
8. Can you hold the umbrella when I get my keys out?
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we can't listen to those files in that forum, because we should be registered to download them. Maybe you could try putting 'em in another place.
>> don’t say only he is American <<
I can't hear the recordings of course (so please post them as an attachment on this forum), but I doubt anyone will be able to pinpoint someone to the city, unless they have a noticible east coast accent. Usually you can only pinpoint someone to their region, such as North, Northeast, North Central, Inland North, South, Texas, West, etc.
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Here goes the files. Because the original file was too big to be downloaded here I splitted it to seven Zip files (i.e. a primary file and 6 other parts). The primary file is uploaded in this post and the other 6 parts are uploaded in the 6 other replies below. Just download them all in the same folder and then unzipped them using WINZIP. Thanks in advance.
Pleas just dismiss the above zip file and follow the link bellow:

thanx a lot!
Hi there,

There is a reason for me to revive this old post: I've found a German file hosting website which has made me able to put this mp3 file on the net without any limitation in size.

So please dismiss the above links and zip files and just follow the link in the post below, listen to the mp3 file and kindly reply the above question.

Many thanx in advance
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Here goes the link:


please if you know the accents identify them in your post here.

Thanks for your time

( For the kind attention of the moderators: for preventing some confusion on this theread please kindly remove the link in the first post, which is no longer valid, and my previous posts which contain zip files or are empy, I was not able to remove them. You may kindly substitute the above link in the first post Thanks alot for your efforts to run this website and keep it updated.)
Hey LoneM,
I don't think anyone will take a look at this old thread, you'd better open a new "neat" one and ask the mods to remove this Emotion: smile

File hosting services are always the best way to post files on forums. By the way, I listened to your file... funny! I heard some weird ones... I think most of them could be British, but you know, I'm not an expert, they could also be Australian, South African, etc. Emotion: smile
They sound like someone 'doing accents' rather than native speakers of those accents. They are:

First one not numbered: American but not sure of region (could also be Canadian as I can't tell the difference, sorry).

1 New York

2 London/south East England

3 West African but not sure of region (possibly Ghanian)

4 Irish but not sure of region

5 London/South East England

6 English but not quite sure which region they were trying for. Somewhere in the midlands/north England.

7 London/south east (I think attempt at Cockney)
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