we are English teachers who specialises in telephone lessons. This allows us to teach English to anyone across the globe. If you're interested in learning english by telephone, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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(....who specialises...)

Isn't this worng?

Or maybe he meant as a team that's why he used the singualr form!!!

Am I right?
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Yes, that is wrong. English should always be capitalized, too.
I wish learn!!! How I do? Send me much information by e-mail! Thank
I wonder why you dont use a videoconferencing tool for that. I imagine it beeing quite complicated when you talk about a text. How is your experience?
By the way, I am looking for ESL Teachers teaching in a online community based in Germany/Switzerland.
Another question: you talk about "we". What does that mean?

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That sounds pretty weird to me, but I guess you can find people interested in your phone classes.

Good luck!
I am interested in that , I am ready to start learning through phone call ( I am ready to call you through all calls & i will be in charge for that )
this is my e-mail xxxxx and this is my american telephone number xxxxx (it's a google voice number through internet )
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I found this amazing site on the internet- www.phonetalklanguages.com.

You can learn languages on the telephone, cell phone or via skype, videoconference.

I hope this might help you

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