we are taught to learn English by listening to the movie, recite the script and repeat their dialogue

do you think it has a big help?
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Well, dear Megarfield I think that the repetition of any English word is very helpful, especially if you were a beginner.The reason is that when we learn a language, we have to act like kids in that we should repeat the new words just like children do.Strange,is'nt it but I'm afraid that this is the reality and believe me ,this way is very helpful to master the accent or the correct pronunciation of the English sounds.Notice that you should'nt depend on the movies' language only because it is usually informal. So, what you've also to do is to listen to the news and to watch different programmes,those which use the formal language. I hope that you'd benefit from what I told you,bye.Emotion: big smile
that's right

one good thing movie gives us is that we can learn English in a exciting environment rather than a simple boring reciting.

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I also think watching movies is a great way of learning foreign language. It's one of my most favorite methods of studying. Besides, I recommend it to my friends who want to study some language as well. Watching your favourite movie and remenbering even some particular phrases from it indeed helps a lot Emotion: smile
I don't think films to be good if you really wanna learn proper English...
It is clear that when you are learning any kind of languages, it is very important to understand the culture and customs of that country which speaks that langauge. The relationship between them which is can not separated ,the more you understand the background of languages the more abilties you will have to acquiant languages.while you develop the feeling about languages ,it is easy to deep into languages and master on them . So as to this reason , i believe that using origin movies of those countries for studing which is a very good way to improve your languages abilities, because you can learn more knowlege about culture and customs of those countries as you watching movies without feeling bored ,and also same time you will bring in languages into your mind in naturelly. After that ,gradually the distance between you and languages being more closed.
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yes, of course it will help you a lots.

you can read story books or even learn from the songs.

trained yourself to read more

that's what i can suggest...
I want to study english. who can help me?
i think movies is a good way to learn english,but the best way is to find sb comes from english speaking country,and pratice with them ,it will be the best way,but don't care too much of speed
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