i want learn english fluency
send me some ideaas
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Well, not to insult you; I would say that you are doing given the current speaking ability of most Americans. Now being serious, I would contact an English teacher to see if he or she would be willing to help you over the summer. I know that here in my town, there is are adult resouce classes to help people with poor english speaking/writing abilities.
Given the average American's ability to speak or write english, I would say that you are doing fine. Seriously though, I would check with any local resources to see if there are any adult resource programs that may be able to help you. Also consider an English teacher from a local high school that is on summer break.
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Dear sir

I am very poor in english grammer. i want to learn english grammer can u give an idea to learn english very well and fluency

with regards

When you will be study you must focus your consentration what you want be learning becouse english writing and speaking difference need a totaly consentration and don't forget that jesss the first and the last teccher please ask him about your difficulties who have faced by you

God be with you forever

good Luck
hi iam hashim from india in Chennai i want to speak english fluency but i cant becz here not proper classes to teach english so i want to speak english there. plz this is my request. And my e- mail id is Email Removed if u send me a mail u send to this address thank you. bye Sir/Madam Take care.
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Sarajui want learn english fluency
send me some ideaas
Sarajui want learn english fluency i want be happy my self because i have been worked so i won't leave this my job .

send me some ideaas
I am poor in english grammer and I have difficult in writing a
papper.Can you let me know which is a better methods to write goo
sentence.I want to beacome a good writer and I am easily to catch on
.Therefore, I willneed yoour help tobecaome a better writer.At time,is
hard to get me throught across to the reader.
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