I am a fully qualified and experienced online English teacher (native - UK). I teach online LIVE lessons over the internet. You can download the software (virtual whiteboard) FREE, and book sessions with me.

Send me a message, my email address is [removed by moderator]

You can also Skype me a message, skype ID:[removed by moderator]
I look forward to helping you!

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I teach all aspects of the English language over the internet using special virtual interactive whiteboard/classroom technology. I can help you improve your English skills fast, I cover the following study areas: Speaking, Conversation,Reading, Writing, Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary, Business English, Correcting documents and any other difficulties that you may have. I teach all levels from total beginners to advanced and look forward to hearing from you and teaching you soon!!
how can i book your seeeion?

how are you.....i love to speaking englishEmotion: smile .............i wish to speak very fast and correct speaking.plz could u tell me the good sites or others ur sites.....if u tell me i'm very appreciate for u...i don't know that i'm write to right or wrongEmotion: embarrassed grammatic sentencesEmotion: sad........ i have a msn could u tell me ur's msn ID......ok sir i'm waiting ur replay.....

take care!

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Dear English teacher,

I am glad to meet you on line,I am violin teacher at international school in Beijing.The most students of our school can speak chinese.I teach violin in chinese and english. Actually ,I have been studying English for more 2 years from more 2 years ago.Before I got frustrated for a long time,I have ever hated myself,But I love kids ,I love teaching.So I decided that try my best to study english for every day.I was reading and writing .I knew I need to keep going to study english.I hope I can meet some western peopel to improve my english get progress soon.Who can correct me wrong grammar.I need to know more western culture.Because I am chinese it is my first language.Emotion: smile

Have a good day[8]


violin teacher & super english learner
I tried some online lessons myself, but the connection was not so good.
For that, I changed and took normal lessons with the same school. (It was at http://www.englishacademy.be but this is possible in all the countries.)
There you can also try a free online test.

I can advise a good FREE online place, where I often go. It is the BBC special learning English website:

I really like the listening of the texts that you can read.

And this page is also very good: http://www.englishpage.com
You can find really a lot of exercises, texts, etc.

Another good website is www.learngratis.com ... it's free and has videos and interactive tests.
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Nice to know about your classes. can you share your mail id or skype id.. thanks
Hi. How much cost your lessons?
Hey, I am interested in your English lessons.
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