Hello everybody..

I would appreciate it if someone who is a native English speaker would help me with this issue..
I dont have problem with listening or writing the English language.. But when it comes to speaking I always cant
get my sentence out of my mouth and my accent needs trimming.. It would help me alot if I can speak to someone
via skype.. Thanks alot for the concern
Hello Ihab_Amoorah and welcome to the Forums.

I suggest that you put your Skype name in your profile (you cannot post it publically here on this thread).

People looking for conversation will probably contact you directly.

thanks alot.. i did put my skype info.. i hope some1 would do so
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.

Go to my profile and click on our website for Hello English. We're an online English school that helps students improve their speaking power through conversation-based lessons!! It's perfect for you and only $5.81 per lesson. We use a special software program that allows you to see and hear your teacher, and your teacher can also hear you as well. It's fun, interactive and guaranteed to improve your speaking ability. Give it a try. You'll be glad you did.
can you talk me: skype: nguyentrungtin1990