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i'm italian and i would like to impruve my english, i need it for working reasons. Via skype would be great

please let me know if you are avalaibel

warm regards
Hello, I am Suphalak from Thailand. I only speak a little English. I would like to improve my English skill. Please help me. Thank you for advance. my skype ID is (removed by mod).
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I would like to learn Enlish on Skype. If anyone reads this, you can check my skype adress in my profile.

I am Lucus!

I am very talkative and would like to make friends with people around the world to improve my English.

You can get my skype name in my profile.

Hi everyone!
I`m from Russia. I`m software desinger.
I would like to learn Enlish on Skype or ICQ ( <the number deleted by mod; please, add it to your profile only> ).
You can get my skype name in my profile.
Good Luck!!!
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Hello, I'm Italian. My name is Alessio, I'm 22 and I studt Pharmacy..I would to learn english with skype and to become friends,why not..who want to help me? My favourite hobbies are football, play chess, play accordion and guitar...hello everyone