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In my opinion, name of software to learn E online is Chat with Robots ...How can I get there? Please show me link download if u know!!Emotion: automobile
him would yo till help my poor english?
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Dear charlotte,

good idea! how can i contact you ? my skype: [removed by mods, please add it to your profile]

Sincerely yours

AnonymousDear Tutun,

I am an English Language teacher at a school in the UK and we would like to start offering English Language classes on Skype. Eventually we would ask students to pay for this service but at the moment I would like someone to practice with! Would you like a two or three FREE English lessons with me so i can see how it will work.

Let me know,

Dear Charlotte,

I would like to try it. My level is Intermediate.


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What is the meaning of skype?
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I need someone who want to talk with me to learn english with skype. I can teach him/her to speak portuguese
I give lessons online with Skype and Webcam if you wish. I have been teaching English for many years. I have a Celta Certificate,Degree and one to one Trinity. I charge £8 per hour .If you are interested please email me and we shall have a chat Sincerely Ada Houlihan
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Hi Charlotte,

i am italian & i am 30 yars old. i would like to learn/improve my english for my actual and future work. it's very impotant for all other communication's type( social, friends, travelling). i have readen about your free lessons on skype blog. if it is possible now too, i would have pleasure to start with you.

let me konw.

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